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There is only ONE original All-American!
Family owned and operated since 1963
Located in Massapequa, NY      516-798-9574


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So amazing!!!!! Love them!!! I visit every time I'm up from Florida.

- Kerry Burzo Webb

Kerry Burzo Webb and friends
After MORE than 50 years, this is still the BEST. Especially the BEST FRENCH FRIES in the world!

- Ernie MetsTie-guy Searle

Best burgers on the planet!

- John Lewis

Lohn Lewis and team
This place should be recognized as a historical landmark!

- Willie Lee Taft Jr.

Willie Lee Taft
One of the things I miss most about Long Island.

- Laura Rivera

Great fast food at great prices! The burgers are incredible...fresh, tasty, and cook[ed] to a perfect medium! I used to work in the neighborhood and sadly only get there once or twice a year now...always worth the trip!

- Todd L.

This store is a novelty and has a super strong following....outdoor eating in the summer and French fries that leave you wanting more. I would recommend my favorite- a chocolate or vanilla shake with a double double and a side of French fries. Cannot compare them to McDonalds, in a different league.

- Philip C.

Hanging out with my friends on the Island is swell. Hanging out with my friends AND eating here is even better.

- Denise C.

Denise C.
These burgers are amazing. I've been coming here for over 20 years and the burgers get better and better.

- Joe M.
Joe M. and friend
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